It’s oftentimes intriguing to see the rise of an actor unfold before your very eyes. One second, they’re playing a blink-and-you-miss-it role, the next – they’re a global icon. For example, most of us know just how small a role Nawazuddin played in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. Then he hit the big time.  

But today, we’re focusing on someone a lot more niche. Remember this hapless white guy in the film, Delhi Belly? Here he is, making a deal with Shenaz Treasury.


He played the unfortunate smuggler who gets embroiled in the entire comedy of errors after it all goes to shit – literally.  


Following which he’s mistakenly blamed by Vijay Raaz, and the goons decide to go to town on him. 


Well, that ‘random’ white dude’s name is Kim Bodnia, and his wondrously bizarre career trajectory is truly a sight to behold. Because he’s now a major character in The Witcher season 2.   

He plays the role of Vesemir, a father-like figure to Geralt and one of the main characters in the books.


But that’s not the end of it – he also portrayed Konstantin in the critically acclaimed show Killing Eve, where his performance as the spy with a twinkle in his eye won him accolades. 


But through all that time, he’s also been one of the stars of the Danish show The Bridge, a noir crime series that’s absolutely brilliant.


For all the accolades and all the acclaim however, to us Indians, he’ll always be Vladimir from Delhi Belly, the luckless victim of Vijay Raaz’s thundering wrath.