Anveshi Jain, the Most Googled Bollywood Actress Of 2020 is obviously quite popular in the country. And yet, most people wouldn’t own up to knowing who she is because of where she started. She began her on-screen career in 2019 with the second season of ALT Balaji’s erotic series, Gandii Baat

She has a degree in electrical engineering, is a dating coach, singer, has live chats with her fans who need help and also talks about mental health on her social media accounts. She does all this and more, when she isn’t busy with her very successful paid app, on which she posts videos and pictures of herself. 

Hailing from the town of Khajuraho, Anveshi came to Mumbai after dropping out of MBA to become an actress. However, after 3 years of struggling, she decided to take her chance with Gandii Baat. Now, her popularity knows no bounds, she even recorded 250K new subscribers on her app during the lockdown. 

Within a year of her debut, Anveshi has made an appearance in other shows and movies like Who’s Your Daddy, G the Film and BOSS: Baap of Special Services. However, Anveshi has made a tough decision for herself, “I know they all cast me for my image but I don’t do erotica anymore,” said the actor.