Evelyn Edwards, the actor who won our hearts with her portrayal of Summer in Mimi, is truly exceptional. She made us laugh, cry and feel so much with her brilliant acting, but it wasn’t just that. 


It was her command over Hindi that helped the film transition from English to Hindi and back, so smoothly. She stood out, but not like a sore thumb. Her character was weaved into the story seamlessly and she wasn’t stereotypical firang we see in every Hindi movie. 


The internet can’t stop raving about her, especially since she shared on Instagram that she had never spoken Hindi before and put in the effort solely for her role in this film. People are completely blown away by her dialogue delivery. She spent days with her trailer, Hima Singh, perfecting her Hindi dialogues and it shows!

Maybe it has to do with the fact that this American actor was also a voice teacher. The actor has been a part of many successful shows and films like National Geographic’s Hydrogen vs. Hindenburg, Bosch, Criminal Minds, Castle, The Mentalist, Parenthood, The Thundermans, Outsourced and the Academy Award winning film Her

Currently living in the UK, with her husband, psychologist, Chris Langer, the two spend their time documenting castles and their impressive history. 

Evelyn is also a photographer and runs a YouTube account, which features her travel series called Queen of the Castles. She and her husband travel across English and Scottish towns, documenting the heritage and history of these beautiful locations.  

We hope Evelyn takes on more roles in Bollywood because we sure could use talent like hers.