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I remember when I saw Hanna’s trailer for the first time, I set a reminder on my phone to watch it right after it releases! And, when it premiered, I couldn’t help myself but watch it without any breaks! 
I must say that the adventurous life of a teen assassin is amazingly portrayed by Esme Creed-Miles and I bet, if you start watching it, you can’t stop until the end. But, if you’re still not curious about Hanna’s life then, you definitely need to know these 5 things about the show, which will surely make you stick to the screen!

1. Hanna’s life is full of action and I must say the background score made each and every scene super interesting!

No doubt, the whole series is action-packed and you can get a good gist of it from the start. Not to forget, the background music played a vital role in keeping up the momentum of the show! 

I am sure you’ll get goosebumps when you’ll listen to Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Karen O in the trailer!

2. Hanna is full of raw vibes and you’ll feel her energy while watching the show.

There’s something special about Hanna which grabs my attention and doesn’t let me look away even for a second! The lead actress – Esme Creed-Miles perfectly showcased the character of an hyperactive teenager. It reminded me of my teenage years – the only difference is that my action scenes were with my mom! Lol!

3. Hanna’s extraordinary teenage life in the woods makes me want to travel back in time!

The way she interacts with nature makes me feel like leaving everything and start living like her in the forest! And, I’m sure if you watch the complete series, you’ll agree with me! The courage and determination to survive in the wilderness is so intriguing that I stayed glued to the screen.

4. The way she’s raised and trained by a single father make you go all emo!

Hanna’s father, Erik,  plays a very impactful role in the series and there are instances that portrays the strong father-daughter bond. Hanna’s father raises her in the forest all by himself and trains her to run, hunt and maim anyone who tries to harm her. Being a protective father, Erik helps Hanna gather courage and use her lessons to battle all odds while she is wandering by herself in the forest. He also taught her not to trust any human. And, I guess we all need to learn that too!

5. Hanna’s urge to unravel her real identity sends a chill down my spine! 

Don’t worry I won’t give you any spoilers! But, the only one thing I need you guys to know is that this series is full of thrills. Hanna‘s interesting journey, from a teenage girl to an assassin who is trying to find her identity, is what makes this show so gripping! You just can’t stop yourself from falling in love with the characters! And, always be ready for the unpredictable twists and turns in the whole series! 

So, make sure you keep those munchies and popcorn handy before you start watching the series because once you start, you can’t stop!

Now, go watch the series and you’ll know what I am talking about. But, WAIT! First, watch the trailer here: