Alright, then. Now that all the idiots are gone, let’s discuss the White Vision. WTF right? Well, not really. For those of us into comics and the whole nerd culture, it’s pretty cool but we get it. For those, who love the MCU but haven’t read the ‘books’, here’s a little explainer about the dude S.W.O.R.D just resurrected. 

Spoilers Ahead! If you haven’t watched Episode 8 of WandaVision, ‘I think you should leave’.


In the comics, more specifically West Coast Avengers #45, Vision goes missing and Wanda goes looking for him. However, he has been dismantled by a Canadian spy organisation who believed, he, along with the Avengers wielded too much power. 


Naturally, pissed off by that, Wanda goes to Hank Pym to build Vision back up again. Yes, in the comics, it was Hank Pym who originally created Vision, not Tony Stark. 

However, when they do bring him back, he becomes belligerent and extremely violent. So they have to restore him again, as the White Vision. Which is cool except he loses all his emotional connection with Wanda. 


It’s because they are unable to use his original brain semantics to build him back. This is what we are likely to get in WandaVision as well. See, the OG vision was of a complex mind; one that was a combination of JARVIS, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, the mind stone and not to forget, was forged with Mjolnir’s lightning. 

Now director Hayward is not going to be able to recreate that. Well, cos you know, Stark’s dead, and Banner is not to be messed with, given his green new deal and  Thor’s off world and also because none of them would actually help him. 

So, what we have here, is a Vision with the intelligence of the OG but without any of the compassion that made him such a darling to Wanda and the rest of the world. So, this is not going to have a happy ending, given Wanda’s delicate psyche. 

And in terms of what it means for the MCU, well, it indicates a lot of things. For starters, this could mean that the MCU is going to introduce Wonder Man. Whatever, the case, White Vision is going to be the antagonist before he makes a face turn. 


Oh, yeah, he’s likely to do that. It’ll be a bit cheesy if he somehow merges with Wanda’s version of Vision, so that’s probably not gonna happen. But it seems like he’ll join whatever Avengers team MCU is prepping up for Phase IV. 

Another fun fact – did you guys notice the miniature arc reactor on his head, where the mind stone used to be? This means they have Stark tech, which could be a sign of Armor Wars!


Or… or, this could be Ultron! Wouldn’t that be nice? James Spader voicing the machine would be something we could always revisit and unlike Age of Ultron, this time we have enough emotional investment to actually like it. 


So yeah, the new episode comes out on Friday. Let’s see where it leads us and just how wrong I am here!