Fahadh Faasil’s latest Netflix release Irul is all the internet can talk about today. It revolves around a couple who stops at a house after getting stranded in the rain, and comes across a serial killer. Seems simple? Well, this Malayalam film is winning hearts with not just its plot twists but also the performances. 

Here are 5 reasons why the internet is currently obsessed with Irul:

1. This single shot which is so beautiful to watch

The movie is beautifully shot and every single frame leaves you in awe. Visually, the movie is a masterpiece. 

2. The fact that this is the second Fahadh film to be shot completely in the pandemic.

Predominantly shot in a huge haunting mansion, this thriller doesn’t need or show the outside world. Which adds to its escape-room charm. 

3. Fahadh Faasil is brilliant, no matter where the storyline goes.

Fahadh is a manipulative and charming serial killer that we can’t help but be enamoured with. He is a delight to watch and his performance leaves you stunned, as always. 

4. The entire film has just 3 actors but you never need more.

Never for a second do you feel like you need more and that’s exactly why the internet can’t stop raving about the 3 leads. 

5. A quick 90 minute watch, this film is short and sweet.

Easy and fun to watch, Irul delivers quite a lot in just one and a half hour.  

If you haven’t watched Irul yet, you must give this Malayalam film a chance.