Did you know that Konkona Sen Sharma, the actor who has won our hearts over and over again, was actually unsure about becoming an actor? 

From Mr. and Mrs. Iyer to Page 3 and now, Ajeeb Dastaans, her performances have constantly left us blow away. 

But in an old interview dug up by Gangs of cinepur on Instagram, the actor can be seen talking to Karan Thapar for BBC, alongside her mother, actor-director Aparna Sen. She spoke about her apprehension towards becoming an actor and the kind of roles she wanted to play, back in 2003. 

I just want to do the movies I want to do. I want to do roles which I really like and I believe in. And those roles don’t happen a lot. 

-Konkona Sen

Thankfully, unlike many others who have made the claims when they began their journey in the industry, Konkona actually stuck through and gave us films that were realistic and worthy. 

She likes acting so much, she enjoys acting so much, that she hates making compromises. 

-Aparna Sen

Not only are we grateful that the actor didn’t quit acting, but we’re also glad that she has started making films like A Death in the Gunj which are shaping how stories are viewed in the industry. 

Watch the clip here:

Konkona has gone from a fresh face to a force to be reckoned with in the industry and we are so glad she didn’t give up on Bollywood!