Bollywood has inherently given big budget films the torch every Friday. But now, streaming platforms are giving us an opportunity to marvel at beautiful films that often don’t get enough spotlight. This Friday, it happens to be the simple story of Ram Singh Charlie

Starring Kumud Mishra as Ram Singh and Divya Dutta as his wife and fellow performer, the film talks about the shutting down of a circus that leaves the Charlie Chaplin impersonator and all the other acts, unemployed. 

Ram Singh plays a man who is brilliant at his job, but nobody actually wants to come and watch someone perform anymore. Kumud Mishra does a beautiful job at making you sob at Ram Singh’s journey – as he goes from being a headliner at a circus he was born and raised at, to pulling rickshaws and doing odd jobs, trying to make ends meets. His persistence however, remains untouched. 

With Sadak 2‘s release, it’s easy to lose a film like this. But this story of hope and positivity couldn’t come at a better time. Exactly when the world is looking for inspiration, this film – with a The Greatest Showman meets Mera Naam Joker vibe, leaves you feeling inspired. 

Also starring Salima Raza, Akarsh Khurana and Surendra Rajan, this movie performs nothing but wonders. However, it is a Kumud Mishra show from the start to finish, it gives the actor the centre stage he deserves. Even though the film initially released in film festivals across the world back in 2016, we finally get to experience its simplicity. 

Watch the trailer here:

You can stream the movie on SonyLIV