A great man once said, 'If you don't like Paul Rudd, you are living life wrong'. I don't know who said it but its true. I mean, have you seen the guy?

1. He uses the name of his alter ego to check into hotels. 

Apparently, Paul Rudd thought the final cut of his first movie, A Question of Ethics was so shitty, that he insisted on his real name not appearing in the credits. 

Paul rudd
Source: Parade

He opted for the name Kenny Chin instead. He has been using this name to check into hotels ever since.

2. He genuinely takes time off his schedule to meet fans and spends time with them.

According to Joe, When Anchorman 2 premiered in Dublin, Paul Rudd met with some of the readers of the website and they went out drinking. Rudd was incredibly friendly and he chatted with all of them. 

Paul Rudd meets fans
Source: Joe.ie

3. He hasn't aged in about 20 years

Look at that face. What's happening to you right now is that your body is secreting a lot of dopamine. Basically, you're in love. 

Paul Rudd in 1995 vs Paul Rudd in 2018
Source: Twitter

Here's another photo of Paul Rudd, in a suit nevertheless. 

Paul Rudd in a suit
Source: Ranker

4. On Halloween, his daughter dressed up as The Wasp from Ant-Man & The Wasp and Rudd, who plays Ant-Man dressed up as Weird Al Yankovic!

His little girl has an Avengers bag, dressed perfectly as The Wasp. So it was natural, what he should have been, right? Yeah. Luckily for our eyes, Rudd doesn't think like that. 

Paul Rudd Weird Al Yankovic halloween
Source: Thefanboyseo

5. Gone are the days of old fashioned photobombing. He's Paul Rudd taking butt photos of people. 

No. We are not putting his nudes here. Good Lord, get a grip. Rudd does his weird thing with his finger where he places them strategically so that the one being captured looks they are standing under a butt. 

Paul Rudd butt photos
Source: Ozzyman

6. He's got some sick dance moves!

Have you ever seen a man with such confidence? Sure, the Brad Pitts and RDJs are cool but Paul Rudd is the man we need to aspire to be. 

Paul Rudd dance moves
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Paul Rudd Dancing Gif
Source: Giphy

7. His is the only character other than the main cast of FRIENDS that we actually remember. 

Did you know that FRIENDS had Jon Favreau? No, not even the MCU fanboys remember the man who gave birth to their cinematic universe. 

Mike crap bag friends gif
Source: Uproxx

But Paul Rudd as Mike, we all remember that don't we?

Paul Rudd Mike Hannigan
Source: GFycat

8. Although he doesn't advertise it, he spends an awful lot of time doing charity. 

He is the founder of the charity The Big Slick, a celebrity-studded event held in Kansas City every June to support the works of Kansas City's Children's Mercy Hospital.

Paul Rudd The Big Slick
Source: Zimbio

He also showed up to AMC theatre in Times Square, NY and surprised 300 kids getting ready to screen his movie, Ant-Man.

Paul rudd charity
Source: Comicbookmovi

He also raised $53,000 for charity by auctioning off Avengers-signed Captain America shield

Paul Rudd charity
Source: Marvel StudioNews

9. Most importantly, he's loyal to a fault. 

Rudd starred in 2001 cult-classic Wet Hot American Summer and despite the fact that he's a huge movie star now, Rudd is returning to the show which is about to broadcast on Netflix very soon.

Paul Rudd Wet Hot American Summer
Source: Today show

The actor also frequently works with the same directors, Amy Heckerling and Judd Apatow. 

Paul Rudd
Source: The Impact News

This guy is awesome. Also, I am gonna go watch Anchorman again!