Sushant Singh Rajput, an outsider who won over desi cinema, made a home in the audience’s hearts with his charisma. Apart from being a terrific actor, he was a brilliant dancer and an avid science enthusiast.

The late actor, through each interaction and interview, taught us a lesson about resilience, hard work and patience. And well, that’s a legacy on its own.

His gentleness and calmness could be seen through his comments and captions – which were therapy on their own. However, there’s one thing that was constant on his social media was the blue-colored butterfly emoji.

Credits: Instagram

In fact, his curious fan once asked the actor about the emoticon and does it mean something to him or he just like butterflies. To this, he said that it signifies emergence, inevitability and the resonance between the universe.

Kriti Sanon, his co-actor from the movie Raabta (2017), was said to be the late actor’s close friend. Taking to her social media handle, she announced her brand-new production house – Blue Butterfly Films.

And, fans think that the name is an ode to the actor and his fondness for the emoji.

Well, the emoji now has a full-fledged meaning.