Imagine this. It’s a Sunday morning and you’re five, curled up in front of the TV with half a glass of hot chocolate and chills down your spine. Your eyes are glued to the TV, and you are equal parts laughing, and hiding your face in the pillows. Why? Because you’re watching your favourite spooky show!

Yup! You guessed that right, it’s the The Addams Family! 


The kookiest, funniest and most adorable family is back and they’re ready to take us on a spooky-might-fall-apart-mid-air roller coaster ride. And we’re all for it.

I might be a cool twenty something now, but I still love all of these characters. Especially because they were all so relatable. No, not the creepy living in a semi-haunted gothic mansion bit — but just as a family. I, for one, completely relate with Wednesday Addams. And I know that all of us can find bits of our own families in the wonderful world of the Addams. 

Don’t believe me? Just, hear me out! 

Dad and Gomez are basically the same person. He’s the coolest. Wears funky suits. And always ready to protecc. #ILoveMydad

Morticia’s icy sarcastic tongue can only be matched by our own mums when they realise that we have left a dabba at a friend’s place. Arre ma, what would I do without your taaney

And don’t all of us older kids love telling our bratty younger siblings that they’re adopted? Mostly because they’re annoying AF like Pugsley! 

Fear not elder kid, you do you! Channel your inner Wednesday and bury them in the backyard. At least, they won’t weaken the gene pool.


Doesn’t Uncle Fester remind you of that one creepy uncle we only meet at weddings? Two hours into the night and he wants to take off his shirt and do the naagin. Preferably in the resort pool.


And Grandmama is basically your naani, who always gives you food and money when mom’s not looking.


And everyone has a Cousin Itt in their family. The Amreeka wale young Chacha with a fancy accent and even fancier shades, gettin’ all them ladies!

Welcome back to your childhood. *cue the Addams’ theme song*

The Addams Family is back with a movie, releasing today! Go on and step into the world of the kookiest family you know — apart from your own, eh? Watch the trailer while you book your tickets!