Diljit Singh, what do you say about the guy that has not been said already? Everyone knows he is sweet, funny, courageous, stylish, etc., etc., etc!

The way he has taken the center-stage in recent years, especially in the last few days, has made him the national crush and we won’t take any arguments against that. But in case someone needed reasons why we like him so much, here you go.

1. He is always gentle unless he is required not to be. 

Case in point: His Twitter feud with Kangana, which is still giving us life.

2. He is not afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Yesterday, Diljit attended the farmers’ protest at Singhu Border and urged the government to consider their demands. 

3. He is generous and empathetic.

He donated ₹ 1 crore so that the protesting farmers can get warm clothes during Delhi’s harsh winter. 

4. Despite becoming such a big star, he is humble.

5. He gives comebacks like it’s nobody’s business.

6. He is extremely funny and we love him for that.

7. He shows people their place in a style exclusive to him. 

For instance, this one time a person accused him of not wishing people on Hindu festivals. This is how Diljit responded to that allegation. 

8. He is connected to his roots and takes pride in where he comes from.

A very heartwarming and hilarious example of the same is this sketch he did with YouTube star Lilly Singh. 

*Plays Do You Know*…