Everyone knows about the 25th or the 31st of December. These are the dates that define the final month of the year, in a way. But in the hullabaloo of Christmas season and the upcoming winter vacations, we treat the rest of the dates like any other day. In this case, the 9th of December. 

It sounds funny… “nine-th”… And it looks like a bodybuilder who missed every leg exercise. But other than the way the ‘9th’ looks and sounds, it’s a pretty historical date, yet no one knows why. This day has witnessed some pretty important events and here are the reasons:

1. Rabindranath Tagore’s Wedding Anniversary

The great Indian Noble Laureate got hitched on this day in 1883.

Indian Express

 2. Sonia Gandhi was born

In 1946, a baby girl was born in Italy, who would go on to lead a prominent Party in India for more than 10 years. 


3. This day, in 1608, gave us the great poet John Milton

A smart man who presented literature that both inspires and plagues students of English today.


 4. Early Preambles of the Indian Constitution took shape

On this day, in 1946, The Constitutional Assembly met for the first time to write the Constitution of India. So, in a way, this was the birth of our nation.


 5. It is also the International Anti-Corruption Day

The same day as Sonia Gandhi’s birthday… just saying. #irony


6. Big Wins for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston

Music Legends MJ and Whitney were the winners of the 2nd Billboard Music Awards in 1991 


7. Glenn McGrath Debuts in One Day International

The Australian bowling legend started his iconic career in One day Cricket in 1993 

Australian Institute of Business

8. And for Baked fans, it’s a pretty good day too

On December 9, 2016, all episodes of Baked season 2 will be released. So make sure you keep your Friday free, because Oni, Harris and Body have plans for you.