If I get a rupee for every time I get asked a sexist question, I’ll still be broke all thanks to the wage gap. 

But these are not the only issues faced by us, women. In the name of culture, generations of patriarchy is shoved down our throats. 

And, this was captured by Tamil Actor, Shraddha Srinath when she congratulated the recently married couple, Varun Dhawan & Natasha Dalal. 

In her Instagram story, she said that his wife and in-laws will not be okay with him acting with other female actors after his marriage and it’ll be tough handling personal and work life. 


Needless to say, this was a dig at people who ask women sexist questions like- ‘oh, will your husband be okay with you working or how do you manage and work and personal life’ (sigh). 

Not just that, her comment also showcases the discrimination female actors face in the industry just because they decide to get married. 

After their marriage, they are suddenly thought to be forgotten, and assumed to leave their work and focus on their ‘family.’ 

Seeing this, many people couldn’t help but share their reactions. 

While some had different opinions. 

Well, I better get going before I stay out a little too ‘late.’