Hold your breath, House Stark supporters. Because a comforting Stark Winter is coming your way.

Stark brothers — Kit Harington and Richard Madden a.k.a Jon and Rob will reunite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here’s to hoping that they cross paths too. 


According to E!News, Kit Harrington is a step closer to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe to sign his next film. 


While not a lot about this merger has been revealed, sources from Deadline say that Harington will join one of Marvel and Kevin Feige’s superhero franchises.

Screen Rant

It was revealed earlier that Richard Madden a.k.a Rob Stark is all set to star in ‘The Eternals’ along-side Angelina Jolie, that’ll be coming out in November next year.


We might have a lot of details coming our way with Disney’s D23 Expo that’s happening over the weekend in Anaheim.

Comic Book

While our favourite Stark brothers might not be seen sharing the same screen together YET, here’s to hoping that we will see the duo cross paths in the Marvel Universe super soon. 


The Netzines are getting nostalgic for their ” Mere Jon and Rob ayein gey” moment:

There shall always be a Stark in the MCU!