Last night, many fans of the popular American television series Game Of Thrones couldn’t believe their luck.

The latest episode of the series, The Door, leaked online a few hours before its official release. The leak was available 24 hours before its official release and since then it’s been widely shared on the downloading site Torrent Freak. 

b’Source: Twitter/ Game Of Thronesxc2xa0′
“It’s online right now, if you want to go and watch it, but they might remove it soon. Someone probably messed up by putting it there,” wrote Reddit user Ozires

HBO had attempted to stop this leak by not releasing early review copies of all the episodes but considering that we live in a world where technology has reached the zenith, the episode found their way in online before the official broadcast. 

b’Source: HBO’

Recently, HBO has been sending pirate warnings about illegal downloads of their show which is why you have not been able to find the Game Of Thrones episodes on torrent after Monday morning 7am. However, what seems all the more ironic is that when the leak was traced back it was found that it was HBO and not hackers who uploaded the episode on HBO Nordic. 

 “HBO nordic put it available and people saw him, I saw screenshots of the cap on fb. I found no link yet,” reads this tweet. 

Meanwhile look what fans said after watching the Game Of Thrones latest episode:

For the ones who have not watched the episode yet, all they probably get is the fact that the latest episode involves a door.