Friendships in the comic book universe are often too good to be true. You either have people who are willing to take a bullet for their friends or people who don’t really care about anyone else. Remember how Deadpool gets killed by Wolverine in X-Men Wolverine: Origins? Well, Deadpool actually considers Wolverine to be his friend and he keeps talking about how great a person he is in the latest Deadpool movie. 

In the unrealistic world of comic books, Deadpool and Wolverine give us a clear indication of what real friendships are like.


Here’s what makes Deadpool and Wolverine the best friends from the comic book universe:

1. Deadpool might be super annoying but Wolverine always has his back.

Despite of Deadpool’s natural behaviour, Wolverine still sees his good side and decides to befriend him.

Deadpool is like one of those annoying friends you have who just won’t leave you alone. You know that he has a heart of gold but his antics often piss you off. Normally you’d get rid of this friend but that isn’t an option for Wolverine. Wolverine always has Deadpool’s back. Even when Deadpool is wrong or is being his weird self, Logan would help Wade get out of trouble.


2. They both started at the same place and haven’t forgotten their origins.

♫ Started from the Weapon X program, now they here. 

We often get out of touch of our college friends. Success often gets to people’s heads and they just stop going out with their friends from college/school. Wolverine and Deadpool were both a part of the Weapon X project. Even though both of them went on to become iconic superheroes, they didn’t stop being friends. In fact, they often refer to the Weapon X program when people ask them about the reason why they hang out together.


3. Wolverine is mean to Deadpool but the ‘Merc with a mouth’ always forgives him.

Wolverine is too good a friend to abandon just because of his mean attitude.

Friendships can never prosper without a touch of empathy and adjustment. Wolverine is famous for his abrasive nature but Deadpool never really cares about how Wolverine treats him. He understands that Wolverine has seen a lot during his early days and even when he lashes out, he doesn’t mean it. That’s how real friends are. 

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4. They keep making fun of each other.

Is the other person your friend if he/she doesn’t crack jokes at your expense.

Good friends congratulate you for your achievements but best friends make fun of you for your hardwork and commitment. Deadpool and Wolverine can’t stop making fun of each other in any situation. This friendly banter shows that they aren’t just friend but bffs.

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5. They hated each other at first but their friendship slowly grew over the years.

They have grown over the years and are now better friends than ever.

When Deadpool was first introduced, he was a villain. There was no doubt like when he flip flopped from a guy trying to be a hero to mercenary who would kill for money regardless of the target. Obviously, Wolverine had a major problem with what Deadpool did. Over the years, both of them overcame their differences and became great friends. That is what true friendship is – you put aside your differences and give the other person a chance.

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6. When Wolverine died, Deadpool put himself at risk just to protect Logan’s body.

Getting nothing out of the situation, Deadpool risked it all for the memories of his fallen friend.

After the event of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, Captain America, Wolverine and Deadpool have finally put their differences aside to fight against evil. When Wolverine dies in the comics, Deadpool puts himself at risk to honour the memory of his fallen friend – even if it would get Deadpool nothing in return.

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7. Deadpool and Wolverine have other friends apart from each other as well.

They haven’t let their friendship deter them from having a social life.

One of the biggest problems in any friendship can be the lack of other people in our lives but Deadpool and Wolverine don’t face any such problems. Deadpool has a friend in Cable whereas Wolverine would often hang out with Nightcrawler. This shows that they trust each other enough and they don’t let their friendship come in between work.

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They are the best at what they do but what they do best isn’t very nice.