In almost every Indian household, 7 PM-10 PM was the time when Indian TV soaps were watched religiously, one after another. By now, most of us realise how messed up the narratives are, but many still continue watching these regressive shows.

In a bold, expressive poem, Diksha Bijlani has spoken up about everything that is wrong with the Indian TV scenario today and it couldn’t be more apt.

She’s talked about how these shows are regressive and misogynistic to say the least. 

They have a very flawed portrayal of women and society has somehow imbibed that mindset as its image of an ideal bahu!

Indian TV is filled with women with no spine, leading selfless lives, always catering to their husband or in-laws needs.

TV serials have a wide audience and thus they can use that as a source for change and we are hopeful that it happens sooner rather than later.

This video sums up everything that we have ever wanted to say to these obsolete-minded TV producers. Watch it here.