I think it’s time women give up travelling alone, stop wearing what they want, and basically let others dictate their lives. Because reaching home safely without any drama looks like a privilege these days. This gruesome story of a woman who was harassed by an OLA driver because she refused to pay cash to him is heartbreaking.

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A Twitter user named Rachel White narrated this horrific incident on her profile and all we hope is no woman ever goes through this again.

The driver asked her to cancel the ride early in the morning around 5:30 am if she refused to pay him in cash.

Here is what he did! Only ‘after’ me finally putting XL suitcases into the boot , he tells me to cancel and pay him cash instead, when I refused bcoz obviously I wasn’t carrying cash, (else which idiot would not give into whims at 5.30 in the morng) .. he reluctantly puts in the.

Things only turned worse later, as that asshole did everything he could to make the journey scary. From watching videos to stopping the car in the middle of the road to urinate, he stalled the ride as much as he could.

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She further elaborate on how it was the company’s fault not to do a background check on the drivers. Rachel highlighted the fact that these unhappy drivers are capable of doing worse. We strongly agree!

Just to think that a woman can be subjected to such intimidation tactics by a creep in such a situation only bcoz of online payment makes me want to blame #OLACabs more than the driver. This is your doing! And I’m sure you will go about ur normal business with more such.

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The thread further stated that OLA didn’t fire the driver and here’s what they replied:

Tweeples are appalled by this incident and have also shared their own experiences. And to be honest, this is scary and needs to change!

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