There has always been a unique relationship between women’s fashion choices and unsolicited comments. Well, not just fashion choices, but literally anything a woman does. Be it getting waxed or not, wearing makeup or going without makeup, pursuing a passion, not wanting marriage or wearing a dress, we are policed at every step and every breath we take. 

Recently, a video of a woman donning a henna blouse went viral. In the video, a woman is seen flaunting her henna blouse having paired it with a white chikankari saree, probably attending a wedding ceremony. 

The concept of a henna blouse has been around for sometime now, but it seems people haven’t gotten used to the idea as yet. Numerous people trolled the woman for her choice of a mehendi blouse over a regular one, telling her to “have some shame” and doing “anything in the name of fashion”.

People commented on the Instagram reel that went viral, questioning her choice.


When a woman does something out of her own will, our dear society with its patriarchal values decorated with a dash of misogyny comes rushing in to police her choice. As of course, a woman with a choice is so dangerous for the world, isn’t it? 

While most of the comments were negative and made deliberately to bring down the woman, some people came in support of her.


Why are people so concerned with what a person wears? Who gives the society with its messed up morals the right to troll a person for their fashion choices? Starting from the length of the dress, to the neckline, material of the fabric, types of beads embellished and the number of fibers in the cloth, people want to interrogate everything. 

Well, screw it. It’s our body, our money, our mind and our choice. We can do whatever we want and we will do it. Kudos to the woman for her bold move: you do you girl! It’s girl power time.

And that’s how we do it: by paying no heed. F*** the patriarchy. Seriously. It’s time.