There is no doubt that pregnancy is one of the toughest things anybody can go through. It’s a total roller coaster ride, both mentally and physically. 

But there are a few things people don’t tell you about. We found a Quora thread of people who have spilled the beans. 

1. “Whole body was in pain and it took good 10 days and few hot water baths to be able to feel my body again. There was constant back pain because of feeding and carrying the baby to rock him to sleep. That baby won’t sleep anywhere but your arms.” – Khushboo Ojha

2. “Pregnancy comes with urinary tract infection quite often (especially if you try holding your pee or use your panty a bit longer for the day).” – Chris Diana

3. “There was no sleep. Almost every night I used to sit for hours breastfeeding, trying different poses, helping my baby latch properly and my nipples would just hurt.” – Khushboo Ojha

4. “Everyone will ask you to take rest during the last trimester but sleeping is a major problem. Uneven distribution of weight over the tummy acts as a hindrance to sleep.” – Chris Diana

5. “My physical health was down and I am still horrified about the delivery pain, the process. I see it as a barbaric act.” – Jaya Shree

6. “The first 2–3 months after your baby’s birth are the toughest. Your body is recovering. Any help is good. But trust me, it will just be your parents and sister/sisters who will help you.” – Rana Mohammed

7. “They don’t tell you that everyone has different pain endurance and you will not know how much pain you will feel until you actually go through it.” – Nguyễn Vĩnh Hằng

8. “Feet and hand swell so much that you’ll have to buy new sandals. Remove all the finger rings. Keep them aside till you’re into 1-year post-delivery.” – Moitrayee Majumder

9. “No one tells you that your hormones will be completely wrecked. You may feel happy one moment and the next you are furious over the silliest thing and cannot stop sobbing.” – Nguyễn Vĩnh Hằng

10. “The pregnancy glow may not happen to everyone.” – Nguyễn Vĩnh Hằng

11. “You need extra effort while you are getting down the stairs. You sweat more and could have extreme hunger pangs, migraines, and cravings at odd hours.” – Arpita Chipkar  

12. “You’ll still look 6 months pregnant in the days after your baby comes out.” – Bhagwan Mehta

13. “In the last trimester, the baby grows bigger and you almost pee when you sneeze or laugh hard! The trips to the toilet increase due to the pressure of your baby.” – Arpita Chipkar

14. “The breasts during the first two months leak more milk than the baby consumes.” – Arpita Chipkar

15. “Constipation used to be severe and created a pricky feeling in the lower abdomen. – Sangeeta 

16. “Normal delivery is an overhyped concept in today’s world. To induce labor pain for normal delivery, medicines would be given to you in the form of drips. In many situations, the doctor would ask you to wait for 12–18 hours.” – Sangeeta

17. “Before pregnancy, I heard that in the 9th month we should have more sex, but with that big tummy, it’s so tough and moreover my sex desires were almost zero by that time.” – Ishu 

18. “Do bring big bras for post-delivery. I couldn’t fit into clothes I wore before delivery, as breastfeeding breasts were too heavy.” – Ishu 

Ouch, this has got to hurt.