Childbirth is one of the most strenuous and physically traumatizing experience that women go through. In fact, many men are clueless about just how difficult the experience is. Which is why, this Reddit thread where women have shared the dumbest things their partners said to them while they were in labor is such a sad reality check.

So here, take a look at what these women have revealed:

1. “Something along the lines of ‘Damn babe, that looks like it hurts’.”


2. “He doesn’t think I remember this because I was pretty zonked, but I was sucking on that sweet, sweet gas while I was riding contractions and he said ‘Ease up on the gas babe’.

The nurse looked him dead in the eye and said ‘She can have as much gas as she wants’. He was suitably cowed until it was time to cut the cord.”


3. “Stop screaming, you’re scaring the other women.”


4. “That he was starving and needed a nap.”


5. “My daughter’s dad said he was exhausted after watching me go through 11 hours of labor unmedicated. Left after she was born because he was so tired. It’s been 26 years and I can still remember the nurse stop what she was doing, look at him, look at me, shake her head and then go back to what she was doing.”


6. “‘It’s not time! You aren’t due for a few more months.’ He was in complete denial I was pregnant not with one baby but two. Lol, twins at 36 weeks as anticipated.”


7. “When I was in training to be a L&D nurse a guy said to his wife ‘I told you I wanted you to have C-section, how am I supposed to fuck you after this’.”


8. “Nothing, he was in the corner playing Sudoku on the magazines I was given for hospital time and also constantly going out for cigarettes.”


9. “I was in 7 hours of intense pain, no active labor in sight, and he said ‘I’m going to grab myself some nuggets. You want any?'”


10. “I was about 12 hours in, the baby was stuck on something inside. Doctor reached up to help move the baby around. Partner said, ‘Well I never thought I’d see you fisted but here we are.’ The man doesn’t know how close he came to being murdered that night.”


11. “‘Why do I have to hold her leg? Can a nurse hold her leg?’ And he asked if I could get one of my friends to pick me and the baby up when I was discharged. He asked that while I was on all fours trying to process labor.”


12. “Complained that his legs were getting sore from having to stand by my hospital bed too long during active labor.”


*Facepalming myself super hard right now.* My disappointment in humanity has never been higher.