When you go to over to the apartment of the person you’ve been seeing, for the first time ever, you expect to have a comfortable and cozy time. But of course, that doesn’t always pan out. Maybe it’s the messiness of their room, or a strange poster on the wall, certain things just scream “Leave. Now.” Which is why this Reddit thread where women have shared things that would make them leave their date’s apartment immediately, is so funny and worth sharing.

Here, take a look at what they’ve shared!

1. “A poster of a hot bikini babe/porn star girl who looks nothing like me. Or any Trump paraphernalia.”


2.”Weird sexual/Hentai type posters of anime girls.


3. “Animal feces on the floor. Shows a serious lack of responsibility, maturity, and I question their hygiene practices.”


4. “I would say, a dirty bathroom. Also, if they don’t have sheets and just a dirty blanket covering their mattress.”


5. “Evidence of a girlfriend.”


6. “Viking paraphernalia. I’ve dated some weird guys but the ones who are obsessed with Vikings are the most delusional. Hard drugs. Air mattress on the floor. “


7. “Food in the bathroom. Hard no.


8. “No books anywhere.”


9. “Lack of basic hygiene. It doesn’t have to look like a magazine but if you’re having someone over, at minimum clean the toilet and have a fresh hand towel available after washing hands.

Ideally tidy surfaces, have fresh bed sheets, vacuum so there’s not dust balls and cobwebs around. There can be mess, but I shouldn’t walk out wanting to shower and wash everything I wore…”


10. “Unflushed pee or poo. I’d dip so fast.”


11. “A flag that says ‘Saturdays Are For The Boys.’”


12. “No condoms.. have left several dates because of bad prep.”


13. “A hole in the wall like they punched it.”


All this makes a lot of sense, TBH.