Attention. Touch. Pace. These three magical words, if done right, can help a woman orgasm. If you’re someone who has experienced this delight on earth, congrats! Fortunately, making your girl finish isn’t rocket science if you make your partner feel safe and comfortable. It’s best to communicate between the sensual moments if you want a ‘happy ending’. Women on Reddit have shared some tips and tricks that give them guaranteed orgasms, keep reading.

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1. “Teasing is the greatest. My bf will do this infuriating thing where he touches my clit for a few mins, enough to get me hot and heavy but not enough to come. Then he just puts his dick in a little bit, then he kisses me everywhere and does the whole thing again. By the time we actually get down to fucking I’ll be literally squealing I’m so happy.”


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2. “I repeat. DO NOT JACKHAMMER YOUR FINGERS into her. It’s not like porn where you can just shove 3 or so fingers into her at the start and just go at it. Go slowly and prep. Oh and if you’re gonna do some finger actions. PLEASE clip your nails. You do not want to shred your partner’s insides.”


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3. “Don’t stop, listen to her, when she says ‘right there’ she means it. Don’t go rough on that shit unless she’s asking for it. Eat it like a bulldog eating oatmeal.”


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4. “Persistence. Your tongue may not be used to working for so long, but it’s worth it to feel her thighs constrict your head uncontrollably. Also, make sure to keep licking once she starts her orgasm. Continue to lick until she asks you to stop.”


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5. “Most girls I’ve been with like when you put a finger on either side of the clit and go left to right, rather than just trying to flick up into the clit.”



6. “This might not be the sexiest of things for the guy. Put your middle and ring finger inside the vagina, and literally lift and down really fast. You will more than likely hear a sort of sucking sound. Don’t go in and out. Go up and down. It’s amazing.”


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7. “Just be into it. It’s not just the physical stimulation that does it for me- Get rough with me, let me hear you moan (I get off knowing you’re enjoying it), and most importantly for me, say my name. For some reason, I get off much quicker when I hear my lover say my name out loud–it lets me know I have their full attention.”


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8. “Quickest is putting a vibrator on my clitoris. The second would be using fingers. Then oral. Then intercourse with clitoral stimulation.”


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9. “Breast stimulation. It’s crazy how sensitive my boobs are. Whether it’s playing with my nipples or actual titty-fucking, I can get off from either very quickly. During penetrative sex, I prefer to be on top not only can the boob play continue, but I also get to control the pace and pressure. It’s gotten to the point where my boyfriend feels like he’s failed if I come less than four times during an encounter.”


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10. “Combination licking the clit, lightly and quickly almost a flicking motion, while pushing upward rhythmically on my g-spot with two fingers. bonus points for putting any fingers you have left in my mouth.”


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11. “The right atmosphere gets me off the quickest (and best). This means that I need a loving and caring atmosphere. Not sure if this is the kind of answer you were looking for but for me, this really is what determines whether I orgasm or not. Having sex for me has to be meaningful (not just a “hey let’s do it for no reason”) and once my partner and I are both feeling the love, I find that not only do I orgasm easily from almost anything he does to me but I am also able to “perform” better on him.”


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12. “GO SLOW! Seriously, the best, best, best, best, best way to get me there is to spend a little more attention teasing during foreplay. Spend a few minutes kissing and stroking my thighs, my stomach, anywhere, but just go slow. If you can build me up before any “heavy action” starts… just wait for the breath to change. That’s when you know you’re there.”


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