Siding with popular belief, we agree that ‘Animal‘ may just be one of the greatest movies to have graced Indian cinema in a while. I mean, it is surely the more superior and the more important one from the weekend that also saw the release of Vicky Kaushal’s Sam Bahadur. Ranbir Kapoor (the actor) is at his best, of course. Then, the movie also delivers what it promises from the trailer – meaningful violence, high standards for masculinity, and utmost respect for women.

why Animal is a great movie

And because movies are just movies, just fiction, just for entertainment, and they don’t have any societal implications on anyone at all, and also because Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film has the highest of regards for women, 14 ‘woke feminists’ reveal why Animal is the best movie ever

why Animal is a great movie

1. “Good for general knowledge. Keeps you updated about how far we have come.”

– Ishi

2. “That man couldn’t hear ANYTHING against his father. But he loved his wife SO MUCH that even after she wished that his dad should’ve died, he didn’t kill her, just cutely choked her. That’s love for the ages!”

– Ankur

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3. “Animal is great. It’s a really honest representation of the world we live in and celebrate. Also, women are ‘in fact’ procreation machines, it’s nice Mr Reddy Vanga addresses it.

– Manya

4. “I loved how men and their fragile egos were satisfied with the protagonist’s opinions on women. I absolutely loved it (not).”

– Anonymous

why Animal is a great movie
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5. “I had an important realisation after watching the film – how we as women have failed men and society for thinking we use 20-25 pads a month.”

– Ishika

6. “Are you kidding me? What’s a better treat than watching a bunch of Indian men getting titillated by violence, rage, machismo, and of course, love for women!”

– Anonymous

why Animal is a great movie
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7. “Well, I knew who all to unfollow. It’s for the first time a movie has gifted me something personally – a reality check.”

– Bhumika

8. “I took my parents to watch Sam Bahadur instead. A biopic on a real man. From the plethora of feedback I’ve received about Animal, I think it’s a great film because it really caters to its target audience, a bunch of Andrew Tate fanbois.”

– Anonymous

why Animal is a great movie
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9. “Society expects so much from women. It was refreshing to see this dude cutting his mother some slack and defining his entire personality around seeking his father’s validation instead.”

– Prakriti

10. “I used to think men don’t know shiz about chopping veggies. Here, this man is chopping humans left, right, and centre. Respect bro!”

– Anonymous

why Animal is a great movie
The New Indian Express

11. “I loved seeing how free and unbridled Ranvijay Singh was, especially how deeply, intensely, and unabashedly he loved everyone. He not only loved his father so much that he could kill a thousand men for him, but slept with multiple women to share all his cute lovin’ with. That man was overflowing with love, and one gotta ‘love’ that.”

– Harshita

12. “Let’s give the credit where it’s due. Even though he cheats on his wife, he comes home and confesses it – that’s some honesty right there.”

– Anonymous

why Animal is a great movie

13. “That play me-play you scene with his father is a fantastic idea for a recreational activity to do with our parents to understand each other’s perspective.”

– Ishan

14. “The best thing about Animal is that it clashed with Sam Bahadur. It put things into perspective about what a real man is and what he isn’t.”

– Ranvir

why Animal is a great movie
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Animal is the GOAT. Hence, proved. Regards.