Some people become an integral part of our life, without us ever fathoming it. In my personal opinion, those turn out to be the best relationships one encounters. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of these confessions on Reddit, by women who were doubtful about being with their current partner, and the reason they stayed!

Because, not all initial impressions and perspectives are right. So, this one is a toast to giving people a chance, and letting them in. Read on:

1. “I was very into casual dating, and would bail as soon as it stopped being fun. I was 100% up front about the fact that I was not looking for a relationship, I was looking for good times. We’ve now had 23 years together and it’s still a lot of fun.”


2. “When we met, I was certain he wouldn’t stick around for long, and I considered dumping before I got dumped. At some point, a month or 2 in, I realized he actually was more into me than I thought and decided to give it a shot. Almost 4 years along and we are pretty solid and happy.”


3. “We were kind of in a rebound relationship. Both broken up with long-term partners and so started out as a fling almost immediately after. But this man drove to the city and stayed with me while they took my grandmother off life support, despite dating for less than a year. His selflessness and compassion continue to astound me.”


4. “My wife and I got off to a somewhat rocky start, to circumstances that felt external to us. I guess that’s why we stayed together… our ‘internal life’ together was really great even if all of life around us was saying ‘dumb idea.’ We’d been friends for over a year before-hand, and when we finally got together it was very casual.

Every time we had a phone or video call, it was wonderful. I could never bring myself to break it off because I enjoyed our conversations so much. She ended up being a rock to lean on while I was lost, staying in my parent’s house, and we actively encouraged each other to start getting our shit together.

In the end I secured a job back where she was, and moved back with some trepidation, because I knew that would take things to the next, most serious level. We both stumbled a lot during our first year together. But, despite all the times I was frustrated and thought “what am I even doing?” I am super happy we both worked so hard to stay together. We’re almost at 7 years!”


5. “For me it was that I very adamantly didn’t want to date or live with anyone again. I was very happily single, I’d just bought a house and was travelling around with various friends, really loving my life. I met my husband on a plane, and we did the casual long distance thing for a while, so it wasn’t really ABOUT him, so much as it was about just not wanting to change my life. But after a while I just didn’t want him to leave, to go home after weekend visits, I really actively missed him being around. Best decision I ever made.”


6. “He was consistent. He didn’t make me second guess. He didn’t make me feel anxious. He communicated. Basically, he was the exact opposite of all the ones before him (and they clearly didn’t work).”


7. “In the beginning, we were sexually incompatible (he was a horndog, I liked my space), however we were teenagers at the time. I always knew relationships take time, commitment and WORK, and that we had plenty of growing up to do. And that with love and dedication, we could do it together. We both changed for the better, for ourselves and for each other, as time went on; his mutual desire to grow together made all the difference.”


8. “We were only 16 when we met and I’d enjoyed being single and flirting with guys, I didn’t think anything serious would amount from it because we were kids. But I fell in love with him more everyday and realized he was everything I wanted and needed. Take a chance on them ladies!”


9. “Honestly, it had more to do with me than him. I was casually dating another guy when I met my now husband. I say casually because we were long distance and I think we both saw that it was going nowhere. However, I think we were both keeping each other around for company. I was on the fence about starting something with someone new because I didn’t want to jump into a new relationship too soon. I decided to ignore that initial feeling of hesitation. Now, almost 6 years later I am the happiest I have ever been. In a healthy relationship with someone I adore.”


10. “I was afraid to let my guard down and allow it to grow organically, at first because of some previous things and red flags he would give off of having commitment issues. Fast forward- He’s my best friend and someone that makes me laugh everyday and looks forward to the moments we share together, both big and small.”


11. “He was more predictable than I am: stable, routine-oriented, dependable. He offered me security in a way that I wasn’t able to cultivate on my own (not that I couldn’t), simply that I had not at the time we met.”


12. “We were friends since high school. Had the same sense of humor, and followed a lot of the same comedians (at a time when liking comedians was uncool). We were both into art but ended up going into separate art fields, and separate colleges, but knew a lot of each-other’s classmates.

I was determined to be single through college and to move out and live on my own for my early 20s. I have/had a lot of issues with my home life and I felt I needed to be completely alone and completely free to do as I please. That didn’t happen, instead we met up a few times with some mutual friends and one thing lead to another and we ended up dating, we have now been together for 12 years.”


How sweet are these stories?