Ali Fazal is a lucky, lucky man. Why you ask? He just celebrated his birthday with such glamourous company that is making us all feel like our birthdays can’t compare. 

The actor is currently in London shooting for his project, “The Death On The Nile” and got the best surprise from his co-stars Gal Gadot and Annette Bening. Post their shoot, they took him out for dinner and drinks to celebrate. 

With his Instagram post, he thanked the pair for this lovely surprise. He also received many birthday wishes from friends and fans on his post. 

And the Birthday ended on a sweet and very co incidental plan manifested at this cute little place with some of my wonderful co actors Annette Bening and Gal Gadot . Thanks for that video Gal, i literally blew the light out of that frame. I wanna thank all my friends and fans from across the globe who poured in with the wishes. I wish everyone wisdom in these dark times – words are often thrown about like shredded paper and so i ask of you to stop and ponder on the ones you use in lets say one day. They can change the world. 

But the bigger question is, how do we get Gal to sing for our birthdays too?