This is a song from the movie Chintu Ji , which was released in September 2009. On the face of it, it’s just another item number featuring Sophie Choudry’s raunchy moves. But in less than 5 seconds you figure out that the exotic language she’s singing in is actually composed of the names of legendary film makers from around the globe , starting from Akira Kurosawa to Woody Allen . Just when you thought Bollywood couldn’t go any more WTF, this video proves us wrong and takes things to a whole other level. For extra LoLs, forward to 2:26 where they bring Satyajit Ray into the fray.

Shit gets real when you hear lyrics like

Tarantino, Wilder, Capra

Ozu, Bertolucci, Peckinpah

Fellin, i Visconti, Oshima

Coppola… Coppola

Wyler, Hitchcock, Wajda

Mizoguchi, de Palma

Wyler, Hitchcock, Wajda

Brian de Palma

Akira Kurosawa, Vittorio de Sica (repeats 4 times)

Bertolucci… Bertolucci, Lumet Aha Lumet

Bertolucci… Bertolucci Oh…

Sergio Leone… Sergio Leone… Truffaut Aha Truffaut

Sergio Leone… Sergio Leone… Oh…

Woody Allen… Woody Allen… B. DeMille C B. DeMille

Woody Allen… Woody Allen… Oh…

Milos Forman… Milos Forman… Godard Aha Godard

Milos Forman… Milos Forman Oh…Why Bollywood? Why?Hat Tip To Dangerous Minds.Net