The chief, the big dawg, the boss – Created with one solitary purpose, to chew you up and spit you out. No matter how terrible your boss is though, they can’t be worse than these guys (unless you work for the government).

1. Mr. Burns – The Simpsons

The supreme overlord of asshole bosses everywhere, Charles Montgomery Burns didn’t just torture Homer, he frequently stomped on the entire town of Springfield. *Cue ‘excellent’ laugh*


2. Bob Kelso – Scrubs

Outrageous, egoistical and inappropriate to the point of madness, Bob Kelso played the part of evil Hospital director to perfection.


3. Frank Underwood – House Of Cards

In light of the recent revelations about actor Kevin Spacey, it’s a whole lot more disturbing watching him play a relentlessly devious political manipulator.


4. Michael Scott – The Office

The bumbling boss of this mockumentary might have delusions of grandeur and be totally incompetent for his job, but he’s still highly lovable.


5. Gavin Belson – Silicon Valley

He’s the CIO of Hooli, and completely ruthless when it comes to trampling on the competition, even if they’re trying to help people.


6. Wilhelmina Slater – Ugly Betty

Betty’s boss is straight up mean. She’s a snarky, underhanded woman who’ll do anything to sabotage the careers of those who work for her.


7. Don Draper – Mad Men

Charming and highly intelligent, Don Draper is also adept at using this outward facade to hide his extreme narcissism and bullish personality.


8. The Gang – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

A group of borderline sociopaths, these guys own Paddy’s Pub together, which makes them each other’s bosses, and everyone else’s nightmares.


9. Dr. Gregory House – House

He might be a genius who saves lives, but he’s also highly unsociable, emotionally manipulative and a bit of an all-around a-hole.


10. Alice Murphy – Workaholics

Sure, considering her employees are total layabouts, Alice has to be a bit of a hardass, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a raging mess herself.


11. Arthur Hobbs – How I Met Your Mother

He was Marshall’s boss during his career as a corporate lawyer. He’s also a militant taskmaster with a fury even Nick would be proud of.


12. Kenny Powers – Eastbound And Down

Kenny’s abrasive personality might not work for everybody, but for perpetual loser and assisstant Steve, it’s paradise. For the rest of us however, it’d be hell.


13. Douglas Reynholm – The IT Crowd

Sexist, narcissistic and highly inappropriate, Matt Berry played the role of zany boss from hell with perfection.


14. Louis Litt – Suits

He’s bullish, he’s brash, and worst of all, he’s good at his job.


15. Proctor – Borderline

Being incompetent as well as a part-time alcoholic do not a good boss make.


See? Things ain’t all bad.