Much has been written about the latest cringe-fest on Indian television that goes by the name of Pehredaar Piya Ki

The show’s trailer was more than enough to irk us but the actual episodes are even worse, if that was even possible. In the trailer, a woman in her 20s was shown married to a pre-pubescent boy and it made us forget all the times Indian television disappointed us because this, as one can say, was the most uncomfortable sight of all.

We can laugh at a woman turning into a makhkhi and an ichchadhari naagin fighting for a mani but these are seemingly normal humans with no supernatural powers and our disgust went through the roof. 

The show has been on air for a week now and for the purpose of this article, yours truly, sat through five episodes of Pehredaar Piya Ki (Yes, you can mock my job now!).

Here’s everything bizarre that happened on Pehredaar Piya Ki this week:

1. The show’s male protagonist is a 9-year-old boy whose parents believe that we’re still living in pre-independent India. They’re still tripping on the fact that they’re ‘royalty’.

2. The 9-year-old gets fascinated by a woman who could easily be his much-older sister and thanks to the movies he has seen, he believes that secretly clicking her pictures is the way to impress her.

3. The woman is OBVIOUSLY scared of a tiny cockroach so guess who saves her? Yes, it’s the same little boy. Damn these damsels just need saving all the time!

4. TBH, she saves the boy-prince from getting electrocuted as well. And that sequence lasted for an ENTIRE episode. At least now the makers have established that the woman has all the talent for being his Pehredaar.

5. The little boy wants to marry this woman and in his defense, what does he know about getting married? He’s just NINE! 

The woman just smiles at everything he says because adults assume that their brain is the size of a peanut. And why does this child not behave like a regular 9-year-old?

6. The show escalates pretty rapidly because apparently, there are assassins who want to kill the prince-boy. Duh, because jaaidaad!

7. And now, his mother’s dead. Sad. The father’s on the death bed and it’s his last wish for the damsel-who’s-scared-of-cockroaches to get married to his 9-year-old. Why you ask?

8. Apparently, the woman’s trustworthy and can act like a full-time guard to the boy. She’s actually told that the bond of holy matrimony will get you through everything. 

But nobody is bothered about the fact that she has to actually get married to a 9-year-old boy.

9. The woman says yes because, “aapke bahut ehsaan hain humpe”. 

The 9-year-old is going to need therapy for the rest of his life for his unresolved Oedipal issues.

10. The death-bed wish leads to a wedding and now, we have a show that’s cringe-worthy & atrocious and will make you yell out “WTF!” every time you watch an episode.

Why, Indian TV, why? What have we done to deserve this in the name of entertainment?