With 1 Billion of us, so a little WTFness is only natural.

Please note: Points 21 and 23 are NSFW.

1. Is it available online?

2. The auto has clearly put on some coconut weight

3. Typical Indian summers

4. The Misfits, the rebels

5. It’s going to be a tough battle down there

6. Because together we can

7. No putting stupid signs like this

8. The ‘spoon’ chronicles

9. Because ‘English’ can be a pain in the ass

10. Tough times ahead

Nope, not really

11. Khatron ke khiladi contestants

12. The annual cow summelan

13. When you see it

14. Well, that escalated quickly

15. Do they know their job?

16. Haathi mere saathi part 2

17. Do maindakon ki katha

18. Google doesn’t want to live on this planet anymore

19.No bone will escape officer dog’s watchful eyes

20.Because time waits for no one

21. What were our forefathers smoking?

22. This train is running on goodwill & 50,000 people

23. No wonder window seats are preferred so much

24. How about a NO?

25. Getting negative feels from this board

26. He surely needs a brain transplant

27. This is wrong at so many levels

28. The real Turbanator

29. Hum do, humaare do

30. Can this man go off from the face of this planet?

31. KFC, who’s your daddy?

32. Don’t laptop & drive

33. Why go anywhere else?

34. Contextual advertising taken to another level

35. Leave the babies alone

36. Somebody please marry her.

37. What an appropriate primary level question

38. This guy needs a lesson in ‘how to not be a total douchebag’

39. Is he going to cook himself as well?