If you love eating and looking at gourmet food but manage to screw up Maggi, join the club. Since the extended lockdown, we don’t have any other option but to step into our kitchens and eat whatever we can, right?

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got something for all you non-cooks out there. These movies on cooking will inspire you to reveal your inner chef (or you can eat your burnt food while watching these movies and imagine that you’re eating something fancy)

1. Julie & Julia 

Watch Meryl Streep go back in time and uncover the exquisite food journey of Julia Child and her techniques of making French cuisine easier for the common public. And how her life and delicacies inspired a young blogger Jullie Powell to pursue her love for cooking. 


2. Ratatouille

Watch this feel-good animated movie to see how an adorable rat follows his dream of becoming a well-renowned French chef. After he discovered that people will never eat his food because he’s a rodent, he goes undercover to help an ordinary man rise to fame with his extraordinary cooking skills. 


3. The Hundred-Foot Journey 

What happens when an Indian family moves to France to open a small scale desi restaurant in front of a well-established French Haute cuisine Michelin star restaurant? Well, you’ll have to join Om Puri and Manish Dayal to cover their hundred-foot, food journey. 


4. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

Watch Omi a.k.a Kunal Kapoor who’s trying to rediscover his family’s secret recipe to save his family’s ago-old restaurant. Will Omi be able to find the right ingredients of the comforting delicacy that he has grown up eating or will he lose the restaurant? Watch this fun-filled movie to find out. 


5. Burnt 

Ever wondered what it looks like when a snac is cooking a snack? Well, watch Bradley Cooper as a very talented and arrogant chef who’s trying to regain his fame after losing it to arrogance, in this delicious movie. 

LA Times

6. Chef 

After losing his job at a celebrated restaurant, Chef Carl Casper gets close to his distanced son and decides to kickstart his passion by fixing a food truck and travelling all across the country. The delightful and scrumptious journey with his son, changes his life forever. 


7. The Lunchbox

One of the few movies that successfully manages to showcase the Dabba system of Mumbai. The sight of desi home-cooked meals along with a side of heartfelt letters is the wholesomeness we all deserve during the quarantine. 

Hollywood Reporter

8. No Reservations

Watch the story of a perfectionist, independent head chef Kate Armstrong who’s trying to juggle between her career and raising her sister’s little daughter. Will Kate be able to accommodate a love life without losing balance? Find out in this scrumptious rom-com. 

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9. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 1&2

With Flint Lockwood trying out his newest inventions, this adventurous animated movie series will make you crave all sorts of things during this lockdown.


10. Eat Pray Love 

Watch Julia Roberts try new tempting, super delicious delicacies and she falls in love with some soul-food, while she’s on a road to rediscover herself after a brutal divorce.  


11. Cheeni Kum 

On foreign land, it is the essence of authentic Indian food that brings Buddhadev and Nina together, who fall in love with each other. Their battle of bridging their 30-year-old age gap and convincing each other’s parents follows through, in this delicious movie. 


12. Bawarchi 

Watch Rajesh Khanna in this classic and catch a glimpse of the multi-talented Raghu who steps up to become a cook in desperate times.

Indian Express

13. Stanley Ka Dabba 

With all the delicious meals and fruitful struggles, this movie is all set to remind you of your school days and the everyday excitement of discovering what’s in the tiffin. 


14. Daawat-E-Ishq

Explore Lucknowi street food with an overdose of kebabs and shah tukda as Tariq and Gulrez’s love story blooms after they bond over their love for food. 

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15. Cook Up A Storm 

Watch a famous Cantonese street-food chef compete against a Michelin-star rival in what looks like a culinary battleground. 


16. Chocolat 

A mother-daughter duo fights the society and open a small chocolate shop in a conservative village in France. Over time, the duo along with their chocolates win people’s hearts and help them with their troubles. 


17. Chef (Hindi)

Roshan a.k.a Saif Ali Khan is on a mission to discover and revive lost Indian recipes along with his distanced son. Much like the original Chef, the father-son duo hires a food truck and sets on a journey to spread joy with some delicious food. 


18. Ramji Londownwale 

Ram, a cook from a small town in India arrives on foreign land only to discover that his employer is dead. He is further faced with immigration issues and relies on his passion and talents for sustaining himself. 


19. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory 

Get ready to experience a sugar rush by virtually experiencing the chocolate factory and wishing that we got the golden ticket!


20. Break Ke Baad 

What happens when a young desi boy aspires to become a chef but is roped into his family business? Watch Abhay Gulati follow his passion for cooking and rediscover himself as he flies to a foreign land to impress and bring back his girlfriend. 


Adding to watchlist right away.