Disclaimer: The following post contains spoilers from What Are The Odds?

Netflix's What Are The Odds is a quirky comedy that tries too hard to be magical but ultimately is little more than a bunch of happy moments strung together to a great score. 

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However, after falling more in love with Abhay Deol (despite him playing a less-than-honorable character), the one thing that grabbed my attention was Yashaswini Dayama's delightful performance. 

Dayama is no stranger to quirky stories and powerful performances. After all, her filmography includes comedy sketches, short films, web-series, and supporting roles in feature-length films, like Devi, Adulting, Delhi Crime, Made in Heaven, Dear Zindagi, etc.

Dear Zindagi
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But What Are The Odds allows her to really flex those acting muscles, and showcase a wide range of emotions. Because her character, Vivek, is anything but unidimensional. 

Vivek is a talented musician, battling her father's abandonment, developing not-so-secret crushes, fighting against the conformity of the system, and being your average, socially awkward teenager. 

Her life hasn't been easy, and that's why she does not shy away from seeking the magic of escapism and music. But a random encounter with the school's head boy (a charming Karanvir Malhotra), who she considers 'out-of-her-league', leads to a series of misadventures. 

Dayama is one of the main reasons why this strange story, which has little going for it in terms of character development or storytelling, still manages to leave you smiling. 

Her antics either have you laughing out loud while reminiscing over your own teenage stories, or rushing to giver her a warm hug, because she is so convincing in her portrayal. 

In this whimsical coming-of-age drama, Dayama is a representation of the teenage angst, hope, and stupidity that makes up some of our most embarrassing, yet fondest memories as an adult. And it's a fine example of her talent that at no point does this 25-year-old appear out-of-place as a bumbling, talented but immature teenager. 

Dayama, who made her debut with the 2016 Phobia, has consistently delivered performances that secure her position as a 'natural' actor. And with What Are The Odds, she has firmly joined the league of actors we'd love to see more of! Here's to looking forward to more magical, quirky, delightful performances. 

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