A Twitter account ‘HearMeRoar’ has been picking up once again. Known for sharing massive plot leaks just a couple of days before the season’s release, the account has been pretty accurate in the past. And it supposedly belongs to a technician on set who prefers to stay anonymous, for obvious reasons. 

This time, they’ve tweeted about not one, but three major plot points! There’s a huge chance these may come true, so tread carefully. 

Jon Snow dies again and is resurrected. This time he’s a White Walker. 

The White Walkers are pretty much unbeatable, as was already established. The Night King and his army have reached The Twins where they’re waiting to freeze the river for passage towards Kings Landing. Since the wights can’t pass through water, they have to wait for the whole river to freeze up. 

During this downtime, Jon decides to go all in, infiltrate the camp and defeat the unbeatable Night King, no matter what it takes. Jon charges towards him and just as he’s about to attack, the Night King pierces a dragonglass dagger into his heart — instantly killing him.  


His death is being mourned. However, just as he’s about to be burnt on the pyre, his eyes open and this time they’re bright blue.  

Source: Kit Harrington was in makeup for longer than 4 hours on more than one occasion — which has never happened before. He was also spotted with blue contact lenses in his trailer. 

There will be sexual tension between Sansa and Daenerys. 

While Daenerys has been desensitised towards incest, given her knowledge of Targaryen history, Jon Snow is completely alien to the concept. After he learns of his hidden past, his Targaryen blood becomes a bone of contention between him and Dany. And they slowly drift apart, agreeing to be allies but not lovers. 


Through this turbulent time in her life, Dany finds comfort with her newfound friend and ally, Sansa Stark. Both find common ground in their fight for the living and general disillusionment with men. As they get to know each other better, they discover a mutual love and respect for each other 

Source: Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner were made to spend a week together to form a bond. This could be done so that their chemistry looks realistic on screen. 

Sam is the prince that was promised.

The Azhor Ahai or the ‘prince that was promised’ prophesy suggests that Westeros will soon have their saviour in this dire time. While it hasn’t been revealed yet, HereMeRoar says that apparently he will be revealed as Samwell Tarly. 

Bran will see a vision about how Varys switched Elia Martell and Rhaegar Targaryen’s baby with a peasant baby boy. Sam gets shipped to the Tarlys at Horn Hill — one of the last remaining Targaryen loyalists. And here’s where he soaks himself in knowledge which will be key to winning the War for the Dawn. He has also killed a whitewalker before, dealt with dragonglass, and he will lose Gily to the war to finally make the transition into Azhor Ahai. 

Source: John Bradly (Sam) has been shooting until the very last day. He has also been uncharacteristically silent and the most affected by the end of the series. 

All information sourced from here. Written in all seriousness on 1st April 2019.