In the 5th episode of GoT season 6, there were many shockers (as always!). From Theon Greyjoy fleeing with his sister to a new Red Woman confusing the fuck out of Lord Varys, from the origin of the White Walkers to Little Finger returning to meet Sansa. But the reason why the episode was called ‘The Door’ only unraveled towards the end.

It, of course, started with Bran’s side of the story. Well… We all know that his curiosity has cost him before as well.


He lost his legs, but he soldiered on and travelled through the kingdoms to meet the three-eyed-raven. And this time, his curiosity not only cost the raven’s life but also of the man who actually carried him all through his travels. The man who protected him, eventually died ‘holding the door’, as Bran escaped.

It was heartbreaking.


If that’s how we felt, Sam Coleman – the kid who played Wylis a.k.a. young Hodor – felt even worse and gave the perfect tribute to his character through a song. His words take us through the journey of the much-loved and amazingly-selfless giant, Hodor.

But beware, the song along with this fan-made video will make you miss Hodor even more:

And if you’re too sad to watch the video, you can just listen to the song on Sam Coleman‘s Sound Cloud:

Sam certainly seems like a very talented guy. His future certainly holds more than just ‘holding the door’.

As for Hodor, it’s safe to say that every GoT fan will miss the character very dearly.