Many might have found Tik Tok cringy but quietly honestly, it was entertaining as hell. It gave a platform to that part of Indian society which could not get into other digital spaces that are often reserved for the privileged ones. 


One such person who made a name of himself is, and I am sure you have heard of him, is Ulhas Kamanthe. 


No? Can’t place him? Well, have you heard of or seen the chicken leg piece guy? 


This guy became seriously famous after eating chicken leg pieces and recording them. What’s so special about him? Well, you’ve gotta see that for yourself. 

Even now, without TikTok, the man is doing quite well on Instagram. He’s made a fan base for himself and trust me when I say this, I’ve seen literal white people with millions of followers just doing duets with him. It’s mental, absolutely mental. 

You can check out his Instagram account here

Just get over the whole cringe part of TikTok, guys. It had some real creative shit going on.