Your Honor, that recently released on Sony Liv, is based on the award-winning Israeli show of the same name. A gripping storyline and powerful performances make Your Honor a fast-paced crime drama that appears tailor-made for binge-watching. 


Each actor does complete justice to their role, but Jimmy Sheirgill shines as the protagonist Judge Bishan Khosla, who tries every trick in the trade to get rid of any evidence linking his son to a hit-and-run accident.  

Khosla, whose proclivity towards upholding the law is established early in the series, chooses to go against the rules not just out of affection for his son, but also out of fear. 

His first instinct is to hand-over his son to the police, but when he realizes that his son’s victim is the son of a crime lord, and the same person he’d earlier sentenced, he chooses a different course of action. 

Jimmy Sheirgill is flawless in the role of a judge who lies, cons, and schemes his way through precarious situations, all the while battling police scrutiny, the loss of his wife, and an interfering mother-in-law he is not too fond of. 

You can see his demeanor gradually change, from a soft-spoken, considerate, law-abiding citizen, to an aggressive, manipulative schemer with far too much at stake. Jimmy Sheirgill’s layered performance is the reason why, despite all the lines that Bishan Khosla crosses, you are still rooting for his win.  

This is certainly not the first time that Jimmy Sheirgill has shown his ability to play complex, layered characters and deliver nuanced performances.  

Ever since he entered the industry with the critically acclaimed Maachis, Sheirgill has been consistently delivering performances that struck a chord with the audience, even in a limited screen presence. 

The jilted fiance in Mere yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, the ‘ex-lover’ in Tanu Weds Manu series, the charming director in Judgementall Hai Kya, or even the brash businessman in Happy Bhag Jayegi, are just a few of his roles that became a crowd favourite. 

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From being the X-factor that drives the audience to small-budget, lesser-known films, to playing the cameo role that leaves the audience smiling, Jimmy Sheirgill has constantly proved he is a seasoned performer and loved actor. 

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And yet, movies like Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster or Mukkabaaz have been the exception, nor the norm. Because, for some reason, Bollywood has continuously relegated him to small, supporting roles. 

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The problem is not the casting. After all, every character has a role to play in taking the story forward. The problem is, there appears to be no sensible reason for robbing Sheirgill of roles that allow him to truly flex those acting muscles. 


A talented star who has proven, again and again, that he has the capacity to carry a project on his shoulders, and drive crowds to the theatre, Jimmy appears to be the perfect fit for most roles. And yet, Bollywood appears reluctant to cast him as the lead.


Till the time Bollywood changes its ways, we are grateful to web series for finally, giving us more than a glimpse of a star we’ve loved since he first smiled that shy smile in Mohabbatein. 

All images from Your Honor are screenshots from its trailer on YouTube, unless specified otherwise.