There aren’t many Bollywood movies like Welcome. It’s a film that you can watch several times and never get bored.

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But have you ever imagined what would happen if Welcome was not actually what it was? I mean if it was not the laughter riot that it is.

Someone did it for us. A YouTube channel by the name #thequarterticketshow, imagined Welcome as a murder mystery and the trailer will blow your mind.

It starts with everyone dancing at Rajiv and Sanjana’s engagement.

Lucky (RDX’s son) is murdered during the party and what follows is a series of twists and turns.

With the killer hiding among them, Detective RDX pledges to find the murderer because only he can do insaaf.

It gets more interesting as RDX goes deeper into the murder investigation. It would be so much fun finding the real culprit.

Watch the complete trailer of Welcome – The Murder Mystery, here.