The 21-year-old YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson who goes by the name MrBeast reached 20 million followers in May. MrBeast, who is famous for giving away money to his followers in need – from dropping money through drones to buying a random Twitch user a house, is up to good once again. 

A Reddit user challenged MrBeast by creating a viral meme that urged him to plant 20 million trees and celebrate his 20 million followers. Now, MrBeast being a philanthropist couldn’t pass off on such a great idea and welcomed it with open arms alongside the inventor YouTuber Mark Rober. 

Unfortunately, despite having a large number of people we came nowhere near to planting 20 million trees but I don’t wanna let you guys down so I devised a plan where we can actually plant 20 million trees. But I need your help.


When the team tried to plant trees by themselves, they realised that it was quite a large feat. He then decided that he will contribute the money raised to Arbor Day Foundation, which will help him achieve his ultimate goal of making the earth greener. He asked his followers for their help, calling it  “the largest YouTube collaboration of all time.” Arbor Day, which is the biggest tree planting organisation in the world, will plant one tree for $1 in a forest which needs it. 

With names like Elon Musk, Casey Neistat, Safiya Nygaard and YouTube itself backing the #TeamTrees project, there is no turning back. Apart from tweeting about the initiative, you can also donate on the website and help the team trees reach their 20 million benchmark.  

Who said you can’t use social media for good?