Yuvraj Singh is not someone who has taken injustice sitting down, on or off the field. Ask Stuart Broad or Andrew Flintoff. 

So when he got the news of what his fiancee went through at a Western Union branch in Jaipur, he did what anyone would do. He stood up for her and blasted the concerned official. 



Here’s what happened in his fiancee Hazel’s words: 

Naturally, this pissed Yuvraj off and he too made his feelings clear.

Although, we did spot a tweet from Western Union to Hazel, we couldn’t find out what ensued after that.

However, there were some people who thought Hazel was using her celebrity status to attack an employee. 

But her celebrity status or who she is set to marry is of least importance here. What should be questioned is: why was her religion a reason for Western Union to not transfer money?