If you ask me, comedy is the hardest genre of all. It takes a lot more than a few fast-forward gags or a fake audience laugh track to get us giggling with delight. Agreed? 

Thankfully, on Amazon Prime Video there are endless titles that do much more than just turning our frowns upside down. And they keep taking steps in new directions like getting a talented stand-up comedian to channel his self deprecating humour and create a witty sharp show for its platform. Zakir Khan’s Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare was a rib-tickling surprise that found a clear fan in all of us back in 2018. And now our sakht launda is back for another innings with the second season of the show. So what do we think about it this time? 

Khan is the real king of this jungle!

Nope, Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t make a cameo in the show. We’re talking about our very own Ronny Bhayia (Zakir Khan) whose willingness to do others good had us rooting for him in Season 1. Back then we knew him as a jobless 26-year-old who leads a double life by pretending to be the nephew of a local MLA. Three years later, Ronny has clearly matured, but it’s good to have him not lose the spark that made him so lovable to us. This time, however, he is actually trying to makes an effort and walk through uncharted territory to get what he wants rather than, you know, lying and smiling. 

This show is a light comedy that tickles your funny bone when you don’t see it coming. The innocence in the script and the endearing characters make it so special. Whether it’s the friendships, the relationship with parents, or romance, Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare portrays each bond wrapped in a certain kind of purity which makes us feel a real connection with the characters. Ronny is the absolute boss of his cocoon, and the fact that everyone takes his word to be the ultimate truth only goes on to show the amount of trust that any kind of relationship requires. A special mention here for Zakir Hussain who returns as Ronny’s father and doesn’t fail at cracking us up. There are several moments where he will make you just look and adore him. Alka Amin, Varun Kumar and Vyom Sharma reprise their characters in season 2 as well.

Let’s get political

Although Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare remains essentially a comedy show, we do see a bit of politics that sets the undertone in this season. Right in the first few moments of episode 1, it is established that Ronny will have a few serious challenges to conquer along the way. This time it’s more about finding humour in cut-throat situations as our hero goes head-to-head with new entry Sunny Hinduja as Vicky. There are juicy dialogues and punchlines which gets the ball rolling. In fact, with the plot spicing up in season 2, it’s a lot of fun to see Ronny finally getting his hands dirty with Abhimanyu Singh (Chachaji) who returns with a meatier role.

Ready for some extra dose of love?

The writers have made a clear attempt to shower us with everything a bit extra this season, and it totally works in their favour. A romantic plotline has the ability to steer the audience towards a lighter note when things get too serious, hence maintaining a perfect balance. In Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare, we have all got into the habit of seeing Ronny spinning his own web of troubles, and with two love interests the show just gets more exciting. Venus Singh as Avantika and new entry Onima Kashyap as Tanvi brighten up our screens with their charming presence. Both of them share good chemistry with Zakir Khan and it often gets tough for us to pick which couple to cheer for. 

So head over to Amazon Prime Video guys because Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 2 is streaming now.