It’s not a secret that Zendaya is one of the most successful actors globally. Popularly and regularly referred to as a multi-dimensional artist, Zendaya is an incredible singer who started her career as a model and is now a celebrated actor. It’s almost as if there isn’t much she can do to fall short in her career (okay, now I am fangirling I know). But, what we’re here to talk about right now is her most recent project – Challengers.

Zendaya, Challengers
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The actor is trending on Twitter right now, and so is a lot of other stuff. But we reckon it’s about time we delve into this slow-burn-of-a-climb of an accomplished artist. Challengers has been directed by Luca Guadagnino and produced by Zendaya herself. It stars the likes of Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist and revolves around a former tennis player (played by Zendaya) who ends up coaching her husband (played by Mike Faist) into becoming one of the best players in the domain.

Zendaya, Challengers
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But, one of the highlights of the movie’s plotline is the love triangle between Zendaya (Tashi Donaldson), Mike Faist (Art Donaldson) and Josh O’Connor (Patrick Zweig). This, just by the way, has resulted in some of the steamiest scenes in the film, so much so, they’re being discussed online massively.

Now, why are these segments being revered in such a way? A) Not many women are shown in positions of sexual power such as this, the plotline depicts Tashi calling all the shots with Patrick and Art. The dynamic between the two is heavily navigated by her. And B) Zendaya’s character is not only powerful in the love dynamic but professionally too. She’s the reason her husband climbs the success ladder as a tennis player.

Zendaya, Challengers
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So, all in all, Zendaya’s portrayal of power is almost synonymous with the position of power she has worked to reach in her career. This film is like an arrival of a sort. Please note that I said ‘Of a sort.’ In the sense that it’s not the best film she’s done where she has successfully depicted adult complexities, power and professional struggles (remember Malcolm & Marie?).

Because, up until now, we’ve mostly seen Zendaya as a teenager and not an adult. And it seems the evident Disney-star-kid curse has not touched her. You know, the one where Disney kids lose their star quality once they grow up? Yep, that one.

Zendaya, Challengers
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Also, if you’ve ever watched the actor’s interviews, you’d perhaps see that this role does justice to Zendaya’s built-for-success aura. It’s almost as if Tashi embodies Zendaya’s sense of drive and confidence (in a slightly more brash and grey-shades kinda way).

Zendaya, Challengers
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So, if you’re curious to catch the film at the movies, perhaps these tweets will help you make a solid decision. Take a look:

One word to describe her as Tashi: MOTHER.