There is no doubt about the fact that zombies are one of the biggest money-minting genres in movies. From the flashy scares to beheaded bodies, this genre has it all.

Did you love Army Of The Dead? If that’s a yes, then we have compiled a list of the best zombie movies of all times for you. So, save this article for your next movie night where you can cower in a corner.

1. Dawn Of The Dead, 1978 

This OG zombie flick is hands down the best movie ever in this genre. Revolving around the chaos as the zombie apocalypse spreads and a set of survivors hunker down in a mall, this coming-of-age movie was a mix of a nightmarish and compelling tale.

2. Train To Busan, 2016 

This action-packed movie was not only gripping but also had a number of breathlessly tense sequences. Revolving around literally the zombies on a train, the aggressive creatures were nothing but a treat to watch in this pulse-pounding flick.


3. Zombieland, 2009 

With the right concoction of slapstick comedy and undead creatures, this zom-com was one of its kind back in the day. Revolving around the four characters who abide by a checklist of survival rules and strategies as they make their way toward an alleged safe haven, the movie is a funhouse ride for every zombie flick fanatic.

4. Pet Sematary, 1989 

Based on Stephen King’s iconic book with the same name, the movie revolves around a doctor who learns about an ancient burial ground under a pet cemetery that is rumoured to bring people buried there back to life. 

5. Braindead, 1992 

Hailed as the goriest movie ever made, this flick is one of the hidden gems of this genre. The movie revolves around a young man, whose mother gets sick and dies as she’s bitten by a rat-monkey, only to come back to life as a zombie.

6. Rec, 2007 

Belonging to the found-footage genre, this flick is recognized as one of the early successes. The film centres on a reporter and her cameraman who visit a building, which police sealed off after an old woman is infected by a virus that gives her some inhuman strength.

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7. Fido, 2006 

Curated with a different yet quirky storyline, the movie showcased zombies more like domestic pets than dangerous menace. The movie revolves around a young little boy who has a rare pet, who later kills their neighbour, causing a zombie outbreak when his collar malfunctions.

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8. Dead Snow, 2009 

Throwing light on a fresh viewpoint to the genre without adding much of anything, the movie revolves around a group of people who wake up some dead Nazi soldiers accidentally after an attempt to steal some old gold.

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9. Zombie Flesh Eaters, 1979 

Revolving around a reporter who follows a woman to an island where a doctor faces an epidemic of the undead, the movie is more loved by hard-core zombie fans than critics.

10. Dead & Breakfast, 2004 

With its tongue-in-cheek comedy, the flick revolves around a group of friends who take a wrong turn and unleash a demonic force that converts the townspeople into zombies. With a great set of actors, the movie is just a silly yet funny movie with a decent storyline.

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11. Shaun Of The Dead 

The movie centres on a man who faces a zombie apocalypse with only limited friends and family to help fend off the undead hordes. This hilarious satire of the zombie genre is a classic in its own way. 

12. World War Z 

This pulse-pounding flick showcases the perseverance of humanity. Revolving around a man who travels across the world to stop a zombie pandemic, the film brings a solid performance by Brad Pitt.  

13. Go Goa Gone 

One of its kind, this zombie apocalypse action-comedy was it was a fresh concept for Bollywood. The movie revolves around three friends who get stuck on a remote island with a Russian mafia.  

So, which one of these are you planning on watching tonight?