Those of us that like to stay in shape have probably tried several different ways to go about it, to find the one that works for us. And Zumba – the dance fitness revolution that started in South America over a decade ago – seems to be the answer for millions around the world.

And one of the leading names in India’s Zumba landscape, Sucheta Pal recently made waves at the International Zumba Convention in Orlando, USA when she got the crowd swinging to our very own Sukhbir’s blockbuster Ishq.

Not only were all those people from pretty much all around the world dancing their super-fit butts off to ‘Ho ho Ishq tera tadpaave!’ but thanks to Pal’s infectious energy, they were also actually singing along.

After having trained in the United States, Sucheta Pal returned to India in 2012 and brought the Zumba Fitness party to the desi arena, and she’s been kicking some serious ass. ‘Cause let’s face it, not many know how to truly party like Indians do.

Pal makes it look easy and fun AF. But while it may not be all that easy, Zumba sure promises to be a butt-load of fun. The folks bouncing to Ishq certainly make for a solid testament for it!