In association with Pernod Ricard India

We feel we’ve said enough about climate change and the crisis we are in, so we thought it was about time we showed you the same. Here are some pictures that were taken by NASA years apart. They very clearly show us the urgency and intensity of the situation.

1. The Aral Sea, once massive, nearly vanishes

2. Parched Poyang Lake, China

3. Drying Up of Cerro Prieto Reservoir, Mexico

4. Rainforests get swallowed by farms in Brazil

5. Vanishing Great Salt Lake, Utah

6. Volcano Ash Coats Tonga Islands

7. African Rift Zone, Kilimanjaro Glacier

8. Alaska Range, Carroll Glacier

This is the ‘greater’ damage that we don’t see with our naive eyes. So we just want to ask – if not now, when? We need the collaborative effort of individual responsibility as well as industrial responsibility to control the aftermath of our actions. We need actionable steps with immediate effect. A great example of this would be Pernod Ricard India’s industry-first initiative – #OneForOurPlanet, which encourages consumers to make eco-conscious purchase decisions by removing permanent mono-cartons from their packaging by June 2023. 

This initiative is estimated to prevent carbon emissions of 7,310 tonnes every year, save 2.5 lakh trees, and reduce waste-to-landfill by 18,745 tonnes. Not only do we need more companies and industries to contribute to the cause, but also bring massive changes in our personal lives. To know more about the initiative, click