The Uttarakhand Chief Minister was recently in the news for spending a whopping Rs 68,59,865 in the last 10 months on snacks and refreshments for his guests. HOLY SHIT! That's a lot of money to spend on chakhnas

So we made a list of things he could have bought or done instead. And trust me when I say this, you can do a shit load of things a shit load of times. 

1. Buy 11,433 bottles of Old Monk.

Source: Unbumf

2. Buy 47.6 Royal Enfield Classic 350s

Source: News18

3. Get 4,290 Jio phones

Source: Indian Express

4. Get 360 GB internet data (Jio) every month for 1372 years

Source: Lifewire

5. Order 623.6 Godrej 5 kg fully automatic washing machines.

Source: The Spruce

6. Get 68 iPhone Xs

Source: The Verge

7. Order 2,012 FIFA 18s for PS4

Source: Playstation

8. Hoard 190 XBox One 1 TB consoles

Source: CNET

9. Fund 9 Indian weddings

Source: Marriagetips

10. Buy 8 Renault Dusters

Source: Renault

11. Buy 68,598.6 chhoti Gold Flake packets


12. Fly To and fro from Delhi to Sydney 46 times.

Source: Mojix

13. Buy 84.3 Emporio Armani suits.

Source: Harryrosen

14. Watch Padmavat 38,110.36 times in Dehradun.

Source: India Today

15. Subscribe to Netflix for 714.56 years.

Source: Starkinsider

But seriously, what do you think Mr. Trivendra Singh had been buying for the last 10 months?