From the stone age to now, the cycle of evolution has rendered humans as the most evolved of all species, or so we think. We have destroyed wildlife, killed animals, brought entire species to extinction, and rendered poor voiceless animals at the receiving end of brutal torture. Our water bodies can no longer flow due to the waste it has accumulated and global warming has resulted in a rise in ocean temperature that is destroying the 25 million-years-old Great Coral Reef. But do we stop? Hardly. 

With our greed for the exclusive and a life of unscrupulous luxury, we have only destroyed everything we touched. Be it earth, water, soil, and even wildlife. If anything, we have found excuses to cause the destruction we have created.

Nature has been exploited by mankind not just for basic needs, but for petty ones too. Voiceless animals have lost their lives to human entertainment, they've been killed for apparently 'polluting other species'.

It's not that nature would not strike back, but our future generations will be the ones to bear the brunt of what we do today. This planet, we've borrowed from the future generations. What we leave behind, however, are consequences of our irresponsibility.

Humans are not the only ones who deserve a place on the planet. In no way do we have the ownership that we claim to have over this planet. It's high time we realised that.

Design credits: Rohit Jhaku