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Shopping has been and will remain my favorite activity. Walking in the aisles of a mall, surfing through different stores and ultimately finding that one piece of clothing. Or, even better [for the lazy guys like me], sitting back home, scrolling through zillion things, adding them to the cart and being excited about the delivery, not to forget looking forward to the best sales and finding the coolest cash backs and rewards (God bless online shopping).

The online shopper can swear by anything that nowhere will you get better deals than online. After all, being compulsive shoppers doesn’t mean we aren’t smart shoppers! I’ll tell you how I make the most of my shopping – I manage to get myself free tickets by shopping through the JetPrivilege portal (they have partnered with Flipkart, Amazon, etc. ), through which I collect JPMiles and then book flight tickets to awesome destinations!

My point? That online shopping feeling is something that words can’t express, but I do have GIFs depicting the roller coaster of emotions that we experience while on a shopping spree. If you are a true-blue millennial, then these dank GIFs will speak for you:

1. Me, when my salary is credited.


2. When you log in to Amazon and your favorite products are on sale.


3. When you scroll through 100s of items to find that jacket you saw in the magazine..


4. ….and you finally find it.



6. When the product you love is out of stock.


7. When you buy the winter outfits in summers because they were on sale.


8. *when I am done shopping but it’s 50% off on Flipkart as well*

Me: I must not shop anymore!

Also me:


9. Friend: Dude, stop! You have shopped enough already.



10. When you check the delivery status, and your order is on its way.


11. When the delivery guy finally arrives with your package.


Online shoppers, we feel you! Now, you might get some flak for being frivolous but at the end of the day, it’s all about spending smartly. Here’s a tip: To keep a track of all JetPrivilege shopping partners and where all I can earn JPMiles, I have installed the JetPrivilege Scout – a Chrome extension that guides me on all my shopping sprees so that I don’t miss out on any chance to earn those miles!

How can you get the JetPrivilege Scout? 

1. If you’re a JetPrivilege member, visit www.jetprivilege.com

2. Install the JetPrivilege Scout.

3. Once installed, when the JetPrivilege Scout spots an opportunity for earning JPMiles on JetPrivilege partner websites the icon will turn blue.

4. Click on the icon to quote your JetPrivilege membership number or login.

5. Once you have entered your JetPrivilege number/ logged in, you will earn JPMiles on every purchase you make on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Happily Unmarried, Bigbasket, Urban Ladder etc.

If you’re not a not a JetPrivilege member, sign up here and then follow the steps.

Now, that’s a literal kind of high that you can get from shopping.

BRB, gotta shop!