With stunning floral backdrops and ultra-pretty pieces, these dreamy pictures have made us want to tie the knot right away. From gorgeous mirror work to subtle pops of hues, this elegant wedding wear has totally stolen our tiny hearts.

The dreamy mirror work set against the gorgeous off-white backdrop is making us want to marry the next guy we see.

Isn’t this what dreams are made of?

With the gorgeous floral backdrop, this shot looks straight out of a fairytale book.

Honestly, we can get married only to look this amazing.

If these aren’t your wedding goals, then what is?

Imagine dancing in this pretty gown at your own sangeet. *CRIES*

If my husband doesn’t cry when I wear this, I don’t want him.

Groomsquad Goals!

From those giddy golden hues to the mesmerizing mirror work, this piece is melting our heart.

We are totally gushing over these stunning pieces.

Isn’t this perfect to don on a special balmy day?

Not just us, but people on the internet can’t stop swooning over it too.

Note: All the pictures have been taken from Abhinav Mishra’s Mastana collection. 

Hello, future husband. Where are you?