Sponsored by Allen Solly

Now if I talk about my workplace, there is an immense feeling of freedom or call it an environment of a modern-day office with utmost flexibility. Right from our way of working; we can work on the lounge sofa or the hammock (yes, there’s a hammock), the time we clock-in and clock-out to the way we dress up… I’ve donned shorts and flip-flops to work on Mondays! Also, the way we commute; some of the folks here prefer to paddle their bikes to work. Fitness goals, anyone?  Oh, and did I tell you our office is pet-friendly? We have dogs here, so many cute and fluffy dogs!  

I don’t know if someone reading this piece may have the same #OpenWorkCulture environment at their offices but looking at Allen Solly’s new video, I’m sure this culture is soon coming through. The video shows a guy taking the coolest commute to work, a bicycle while his co-workers gaze at his suave attire; which I’m kinda crushing on as well. Well, truth be told, my bicycle is catching rust at home. 

The fabulous work wear, the freedom to pursue our hobbies, the peppy office place; Allen Solly’s video makes sure that these things are no longer unrealistic and bizarre as office spaces are getting revamped in the new millennium. 

The video isn’t the only FOMO Allen Solly is giving us; their latest activity at PVR Bangalore will make you wish you were there! To celebrate the cool commute to work that they promote, the audience was taken into surprise with super-cool bike stunts. The stunts were performed during the interval of a movie after which the emcee asked the audience if they have ever cycled to work. The people who raised their hands were given special vouchers on the spot. How cool is that! I mean, I’ve always preferred cab services but after watching Allen Solly’s video, I’m considering to repair my bike and take it out for a spin to work. Oh, and BTW the audience reaction in the video is literally gold!

But before you check that out, make sure to cop yourself some uber-cool work attires from Allen Solly. I bet it’ll take your OOTD’s a notch higher and refresh your work ‘drobe. You can check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account for updates about the newest collection.